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The War Room











CCWC is working in collaboration with other area churches to bring this movie to Athens.

The weekend of August 28

this movie will be showing at the Athena Grande. Please consider purchasing tickets to this movie to support faith-based movies. You may purchase them at a table in the church narthex. To watch the trailor click below.

War Room – Official Trailer

War Room Show Times

Time change


Pastor Denver invites you to a seminar entitled,

“Discovering CCWC”

(potential membership) held on

Sunday, September 13, from 4:00-7:30 PM in Room 2B in the new building.

This seminar will cover four questions:

  • Where did CCWC come from?
  • What are we about?
  • Where are we going?
  • Will you come with us?

Finger food and light refreshments will be provided for our evening.

Many times individuals will have the following questions on their mind: Is church membership man’s idea or God’s idea? Can we find membership in the Bible? The principle of local church membership is God’s idea, and yes we do find it in the Bible. The New Testament uses the term “church” 114 times and at least 91 of those times it’s talking about a local community of faith (church), not the Universal Church (all believers throughout the world). It is in these verses that we see the principle of local church membership lived out. The fact is the term, “members” is not sacred, but the principle is.

If you attend CCWC or refer to CCWC as your church home, why would you not join the local church?

Childcare will be provided for the seminar. RSVP by filling calling the church office (740-698-2292) by September 9, 2015.


Children's schedule






Get Acquainted Luncheon

August 23, 2015




Baby Dedication

Sunday, August 23

If you would like to have your baby dedicated,

please contact the church by August 16 (740.698.2292).


Sunday Morning Class Options

at 9:00 AM

Christian Forum, Conference Room: Jim Lindner

Today and on Sunday, August 16 the class will be listening to a Focus on the Family audio in which Scott Klusendorf responds to recent pro-abortion controversies.


Life Lessons, Banquet Room: Mark Ervin

Life Lessons, by Andy Stanley

Video message series that touch on character, faith, leadership, spiritual growth, influence, pride, judgment and love.

Women of Destiny, Modular 103: Beth Ash & Catherine Hauschild

Women of Destiny are doing a book club this month. Watch for more details.


4MD4HM (Formed for Him), Room 137: Dave & Teresa South

The Story (video series)

The Story is a condensed version of the Bible that is chronologically formatted from Genesis to Revelation. It reads like a novel and is a great overview of the basics for those new to the faith and for those more advanced in their walk. Join us as we explore “The Greatest Story Ever Told.”



The Commitment Cards have been tallied for His Purpose-Our Vision and for the next three years, the people of CCWC have pledged $600,684.

If you have not filled out a Commitment Card, and would like to, you may pick up one from the table in the narthex outside the church office. Fill it out and drop it in the box.

I am so thankful for you and people like you who believe in the mission of the church of making disciples. Your faith and vision to see the need of expanding facilities in order to expand Christ’s ministry is obvious.

A letter from Pastor Denver

CCWC Timeline

Questions and Answers

Prayer Guide

His Purpose-Our Vision Video


JOIN A SMALL GROUP: If you are not in a small group and would like to join one, please call the church office.  We will do our best to  match you with a group.


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